In 2002, Allison Lide and Mostafa Vaziri moved to Kabul, Afghanistan and opened a small home/school orphanage under the auspices of their small organization, MEPO (Medical, Education and Peace Organization). Allison is a Montessori teacher, and Mostafa is a doctor. Together they worked with an Afghan NGO called HEWAD to establish a Montessori-based education program at the orphanage.

Mostafa named the orphanage the House of Flowers.The House of Flowers is now 10 years old. It has been running on the generous donations of individual donors during this time, and funding has often been and is currently a great challenge (see below for how you can help), but the staff of of the House has been remarkably dedicated through some very tough times.

Through their work, and their integration of Montessori education philosophy, the House of Flowers has developed a reputation of being an oasis of peace in the tough Afghan environment, where the children amaze visitors with their level of confidence, gentleness, compassion, and cooperation. It has attracted the attention of the Afghan government and is on its way to becoming a model for other orphanages.

Mostafa and Allison lived in Afghanistan from 2002 to 2006. This blog is from Allison, as she recounts her return to Afghanistan after 6 years of absence.

We hope that many people might become a part of the House of Flowers, as it depends on donations from caring individuals. For more information, please email us at mepo.hope@gmail.com . We are updating our website, but in the meantime, to donate to the House of Flowers, checks made out to Medical, Education and Peace Organization (MEPO) can be sent to:

MEPO (c/o The Schardts)

8641 Porter Central Rd.    Sunbury, OHIO 43074  

Thank you for any support you can offer.



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